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        1. Before the interview, have you carefully understood the situation of the corresponding enterprise, the other party's corporate culture, main business and future development direction. If you go for an interview and know nothing about the enterprise, you just know to interview for XX position. The other unit certainly doesn't want such a person. No sincerity at all. Interview skills and precautions for foreign teacher recruitment


        2. How many job requirements do you really meet? For example, the other company has written five requirements. Do you really meet each of them? If four of the five are absolutely competent, is the other one a hard condition? (for example, many posts must hold a work license before they can take up their posts. If there is no such certificate, even if there is only one non-compliance, it will be a waste of time and will not be admitted.) if the number is lower than four, the employer will not consider you if there is sufficient choice.


        3. Is your resume the same? The resume of most job seekers is simply a version of the world. They have never considered "customizing" a targeted resume for them according to the specific conditions of the other company and the specific requirements of the applied position. Only when the resume highlights their own advantages or specific conditions of competence according to each recruitment requirement can it be possible for the examiner to feel your sincerity and intention in the interview.


        4. In fact, it is a question about the skills to communicate with the examiner during the interview. The most important thing is to remind everyone that answering questions (including self introduction) must focus on the situation of the other company (your understanding of the recruitment enterprise), "what do I think I can do for you, and what are my qualifications?...", my recognition of the corporate culture and development direction of the recruitment unit, and if I can be engaged in the job, What are your thoughts and plans? The most important thing is not to give the other party a feeling that they care about their salary. Let the other party feel that you have a sense of "common development with the company" and closely connect your own destiny with the destiny of the company.




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