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        The imitation ability and learning ability in early childhood are very strong. What are the precautions for children to learn English?


        Create a suitable environment for children. Children at this age are called the critical period of language learning. English is acquired, which means that children can use mother tongue thinking teaching in language learning. Children are highly malleable. If they are given a large amount of input of English environment at this stage, children can master English without explaining in their own language. Ideal parents have let children contact foreign teachers to learn English very early. In fact, it doesn't have to be said that learning English depends on how many words and sentences we learn. In fact, we set so many tasks for children, and the result may not be what we think. In fact, when children learn language, as long as they can stimulate their interest in learning, even if the goal is achieved, just like you give them a blue sky and fertile soil, with plenty of sunshine and appropriate water, The future will be full of branches and leaves. Blue sky is a metaphor for a good external environment, fertile soil is a metaphor for a good internal environment, sunshine is a metaphor for optimism and positive attitude, and water is a metaphor for the knowledge that children need to learn in their growth, not only language, but also other aspects. Of course, children grow around us, and our big tree is an example for children to rely on and learn from. In terms of language, don't always be happy and excited when you see children's progress, and frustrated when you see children's retreat. In fact, children's learning is backward and forward, like waves, but in the long run, children are still improving. Therefore, appropriate encouragement should be given.


        Children should dabble in English. First of all, language is a communication tool and a bridge to understand the world and society. When learning for children, we should give children more opportunities to contact and feel from all aspects of life. For example, we will have many elements in life, such as family, campus, body, diet and so on. We should give children access to these things and tell them these aspects in English, so that children are interested and willing to understand them. When appropriate, it can be used in life conversation or communication with other children.


        Children learn English according to their interests. Children don't like boring things. They are always changing and finding more interesting things. Therefore, the child has no patience. Maybe the points of interest to him are not enough. Therefore, we should readjust a train of thought and grasp the points of interest of the child, so that the child can immerse himself in the things he likes.




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